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What is the purpose of

Our web platform is a resource dedicated to the new and flourishing mushroom stock / psychedelic stock industry. This industry is researching, evaluating and introducing new products in the area of psychedelics and nutraceutical / super food products. This is a new emerging sub-sector that could be categorized under biotech, life sciences or biosciences, but has essentially carved out its own unique segment of the market.. Many refer to it as the new Cannabis. We were early in featuring Cannabis stocks with our past index, and are following the same model to track this space and find unique investment opportunities that is presented for informational purposes only.

How do you categorize a psychedelic stock?

We categorize a stock as a psychedelic stock if it has a project related to psilocybin, ketamine, lsd, ibogaine, dmt, peyote and mdma.
We have created a feature section of the website called the Molecule Wars that break down what these psychedelic substances are about.

Compass Pathways is an example of a psychedelic company that has paved the way for this industry categorization. Compass Pathways is a private company.

Please visit for more information.

How do you categorize a mushroom stock?

We categorize a stock as a “mushroom” stock when it has a product or service related to consumable mushroom products like, Chaga Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms, Cordyceps Mushrooms, Ashwagandha Mushrooms or other unique products derived from mushroom species like compounds ie. Ergothionene which is said to be derived from oyster mushrooms. This space is a new and unique space that will surely unveil more unique compounds and it is our mission to stay on track of these discoveries and showcase them to our subscribers.

Four Sigmatic is an example of a mushroom company that has paved the way for this particular niche categorization. Four Sigmatic is a private company.

What markets do you track?

We primarily track companies on Canadian and German stock markets. Some of the markets we follow are CSE, NEO, FRANKFURT, BERLIN, MUNICH, STRUTTGART AND OTC listed companies that have a primary listing on a real stock market.

How does the index work?

The Mushroom Stock Index is comprised of a basket of stocks that are currently in the sector. As there are not many, each company is included in full, even if they have other non-mushroom related activities. Because the industry is new, there are many entities that did not list purely as mushroom stocks or IPO listings and therefore became public by way of RTO’s into existing entities. As time goes on we will adjust the basket accordingly and adjust our algorithms to adjust the inclusion rate and percentage calculation of the various companies and how their values contribute to the basket.

Why is this service useful?

Understanding what companies are out there, what they are doing and how they are relevant is important for any investor who is doing due diligence and searching for psychedelic stocks to invest in or mushroom stocks that are out there as potential investment candidates. Our goal is to put the information related to this very unique and specific niche in one place and give mushroom and psychedelic stock investors a unique place to find interesting opportunities in the psychedelic stock space.

Do I have to pay for this Service?

No. At this time the service and our newsletters are free.

How does your service make money?

We charge for advertising space to certain companies on our platform and network to bring further exposure to their brand and story.
Like any traditional media outlets this helps pay for our mushroom publication, hosting costs, content writers and programmers to keep
You valuable psychedelic stock investors up to date with valuable insight and information.

Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for anyone looking for mushroom stocks to invest in, or people that are interested in speculative stock opportunities otherwise known as small cap stocks, or small cap mushroom stocks. Generally speaking at this time companies are worth no more than $200m market caps and are trading in the penny range, known as penny stocks. A psychedelic penny stock is construed as any stock that trades under $5 per share by securities definition.

I have signed up and I am not receiving your alerts, why?

Please check your spam folder and be sure to ad us to your Safe Sender list. Follow these instructions in order to ad us to your safe sender list.

How often is the Mushroom Stock Index updated?

We update our stories as they come out and have daily feeds coming in that cover just about all the popular mushroom stocks that are on the market.
These include psychedelic stocks trading on the Frankfurt exchange and the psychedelic stocks trading on the CSE and NEO exchanges. These also include Mushroom stocks trading on these same exchanges as well as popular stories about the industry, which sometimes includes private companies that are researching molecules like psilocybin.

Can I advertise on

Yes, we offer custom marketing solutions for unique stories that we believe are beneficial to our audience.
Please contact us for more information.

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