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Mental Molecule Wars

Featuring Medical Leaders who are Changing the Perception of Altered Consciousness

Breakthrough research is underway to potentially solve mental health problems for hundreds of millions of sufferers, disrupting a market has been forecasted to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Surprising to some, but obvious to others, the solution may be found in one, or multiple Schedule 1 psychedelic molecules.

In modern western history, the generally accepted optimal mental state for human consciousness has been “sober.” For as long as most of us could remember, almost anyone who wanted to experiment with conscious altering substances in the mainstream world, were stigmatized and labelled as drug addicts, hippies or potential drains on society. ‘Schedule 1’ labeled drugs, historically considered by many to be the worst of the worst, were categorized as having no medical use, and were considered highly addictive. However, at the time of their classifications, most of these molecules had not been sufficiently tested for medical purposes, and each categorization of being ‘highly addictive’ is also debatable. Decades of stigmas associated with these molecules are being removed, leading a handful of companies in 2020 racing to prove their effectiveness, each trying to win the modern psychedelic molecule war.

Prior to 2015, anecdotal evidence had shown that many Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 classified drugs yielded positive results for various mental health problems, and even actually helped to solve addiction problems. In 2018, two breakthroughs occurred. Both ketamine, and MDMA use cases reached clinical stage 3 FDA trials in the United States, a feat many believed to be impossible. Less than 2 years later, an ibogaine derivative and the use of LSD are on track for phase 2 clinical trials. For many users of these drugs, this official research is long overdue. For the companies spearheading this movement, the goal is not only treat mental health issues, but potentially permanently cure them entirely.

Our articles focus on identifying the most promising compounds and therapies being developed by these new companies. The drugs we cover on this website are Psilocybin, LSD, Mescaline, Ketamine, MDMA, and derivatives of Ibogaine.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine(18-MD) is a very unique 3-D molecule, almost in its own class of psychedelic drugs. It comes from a root bark found …

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